Paleo to-go

It's inevitable that you're going to eat out so we wanted to share a list of our favourite spots in Vancouver, BC that helped us stay full and on track during the 30 day challenge.

Best - Late Night
Peckinpah - pulled pork, beef brisket, and pork ribs all served steaming hot until 3AM.  Go to the takeout window and ask for NO sides to save a couple bucks and pack it where it really counts, with meat!

Best - Quick Refuel
The Juice Truck  - cold pressed juices, smoothies, and wellness shots ALL paleo approved. Served up by the nicest guys (and gal), pop by during a stroll through Gastown when you need a boost and a smile.

Best - Chain Restaurant
Earls - with a huge selection of juicy prime rib served on a mountain of seasonal sauteed veggies, it's hard to beat the most accommodating chain spot in the city.  With 5 locations in Metro Vancouver, Earl's is a fail proof bet for paleo-goodness on the road.

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