Our Journey

The Paleo Diet is a way of eating that best mimics diets of our hunter-gatherer ancestors - lean meats, seafood, vegetables, fruits, and nuts. We decided to take on this challenge for a number of reasons, but it really came down to both of us wanting to look and feel our best. 
  • have more energy 
  • improve athletic performance
  • enjoy clearer skin
  • reduce the risk of disease
It wouldn't be a journey if we did this alone, and we're fortunate to have incredible support from our friends and family. Here's some of the highlights from our journey so far:


Day 1 - Challenge begins!
Day 2 - Elizabeth joins the challenge
Day 5 - We host a superbowl party and friends bring over Paleo approved chili, tacos, and dessert 
Day 6 - Dave's Mom joins the challenge
Day 10 - Paleo dinner party w/ salad on a stick, cornish hen and Paleo apple crumble
Day 12 - We connect with a fan from Australia and discuss the pros & cons of Paleo
Day 14 - Paleo Valentine's dinner
Day 19 - Hosted a very successful Gastown edition of Social Bites - 'A Meal 10,000 years in the Making'
Day 21 - Pat takes Paleo on the road, as he travels across the country casting for a new Canadian TV show
Day 28 - Pacific Paleo receives over 4500+ hits
Day 30 - Challenge is over but the fun is just beginning - more recipes to come!


  1. Yes! Mentioned! Can I write a guest blog entry? It's going to be titled 'Dear Abs'.

  2. Yes ! Just write, send and we'll post :)

  3. Are you still on your journey?

    1. Yes! We may not be 100% paleo everyday but we strive to cook paleo for all our meals Monday-Friday but leave a little flexibility on weekends.