Tuesday, 21 February 2012

Day 21 - Challenge Update

20 days in and only 10 to go - we never expected this challenge to be so enjoyable.  Sure, there's been a rough days and quite a few temptations along the way but overall, it's a very feasible culinary shift. We've found incredible paleo recipes and such a massive community online - also living in Vancouver has definitely helped, with a ton of great gluten free options at every turn.

Dave at Granville Island Public Market
That being said, the last 10 days are likely to be the most challenging.  Pat will be traveling across the country and Dave will have to cook it out solo, before some visitors make it into town this weekend.  We'll be updating our Paleo to-go section and posting as many new recipes as possible over the next few weeks. Until then - a huge thank you to everyone for their ongoing support, recipe ideas and inspiration! 

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